Above we see Gabrielle Mattina, owner of The Gypsy Parlor in Buffalo, NY, posing with bartender, Anna Todaro, dressed as some bizarre mashup of the ever present racist, sexist Pocahottie mixed with a dash of some fabricated notion of the Gypsy, who, much like the Indian, exists more in the mythologized, Disney realm than any where in reality.

Cleverly enough, the observed in their photo caption:

But apparently, theres plenty sexy about Pocahotties hanging out in a "Gypsy Parlor".

Some of the more astute observations from Gabrielle's "friends":



And, ya know, I think these commenters are right. We Indian Maidens bust be sexy given the reality that we are at least 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted, 88% of those crimes committed by non-Natives, and a sickeningly low prosecution rate against perpetrators of violent sexual crimes against Native women because, ya know, we're just too darn sexy.

It was bad enough these women opted to deck out their new business venture as "The Gypsy Parlor", replete with mood lighting and an attempt at some New Agey bohemian vibe, touting all that is dehumanizing, false, and racist towards Roma populations, but then, in a sheer stroke of genius, they thought, "Hey, why do we combine our two favorite fantasies: Indians and Gypsies?!"

And lo, the hippest of the Buffalo hepcats flock to the promised land of Indians and Gypsies on Thanksgiving Eve.


And let us not forget to feature their nod to real-life Gypsies on their web page:

Yes. Nothing says party than an antiquated picture of young children smoking cigarettes in holey clothing. Way to go ladies. Way to go.


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