It's Kind of Like an Apology

Gabbie, via Buffalo News Blog, issued this statement. Unfortunately, what still remains lost, is it is not about strictly the hair and clothes, but the comments allowed on photos, the name of the bar, the use of Roma children on the web page and the overtly racist and ongoing comments of bartender Anna and her… »12/05/13 4:00pm12/05/13 4:00pm

Pocahottie Gypsy Dreamer Drama Continues (but at a simmer)

As I am not "friends" on the "Facebook" with either of the women featured in this post, nor the anonymous employee who opened the most reasonable and polite lines of communication thus far featured in this post as well as her ever witty co-worker Anna, thus this is the avenue for response to the following comments… »12/05/13 1:34am12/05/13 1:34am

Pocahottie Gypsy Dreamer Bar Owners Celebrate Thanksgiving in Buffalo, NY

Above we see Gabrielle Mattina, owner of The Gypsy Parlor in Buffalo, NY, posing with bartender, Anna Todaro, dressed as some bizarre mashup of the ever present racist, sexist Pocahottie mixed with a dash of some fabricated notion of the Gypsy, who, much like the Indian, exists more in the mythologized, Disney realm… »12/04/13 5:42pm12/04/13 5:42pm